Educational Collection Gift Program

The Program:
We have received numerous inquiries from organizations and educational institutions that could greatly benefit from having Symphony of the Soil in their curriculum/program but do not have the budget to purchase the Educational Collection. We are offering a Gift Program that allows people to purchase part of or all of an educational collection, which consists of Symphony of the Soil and two DVDs of short films called Sonatas of the Soil Volume I and II, for a school or organization’s library.

How it Works:
You choose the amount you would like to purchase (increments of $25) – either the entire Educational Collection or a a portion of the collection that other people can add to to complete the gift. If you would like to remain anonymous please note in the PayPal transaction, otherwise your name will be featured here on our website and announced in our monthly newsletter. Or, if you would like to purchase a collection for a school or organization of your choice, you can purchase the collection directly from our office.


Gift Level

For Educational Institutions/Organizations:
If you know an organization/educational institution that could benefit from the film but may not have the resources to purchase the Educational Collection, please have them fill out the form to be added to our list. We will feature organizations/institutions and replace the featured organizations as the matches are made.

Lily Films is an independent film company. In our efforts to practice sustainable filmmaking, we rely on the sale of DVDs, Educational and Public Screening rights to be able to continue making high quality, well-researched productions. We thank you for supporting our programs.