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Stone Barns Screening

This last week we returned to Stone Barns, one of our favorite shooting locations, to show the film. The process came full circle as we stood in their gorgeous hay loft (which clearly hasn't seen hay in years. Deborah, Fred Kirschennman, and farmer Jack Algiere spoke about the project post ...

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Soil Time Capsule

For 160 years, the Rothamsted Research facility, UK, has been sampling, testing, and preserving soil samples. They have the world's longest running agronomic tests, comparing the productivity of different types of cropping systems. They have trials that aim to gage the effects of nitrogen laden precipitation on crop growth, and most fascinating ...

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Visualizing Perennials

In Kansas people are doing the unthinkable. In the midst of the corn-belt, in a sea of annual grains that stretches as far as the eye can see, The Land Institute has breeders working to re-structure our agricultural relationship with plants. Through traditional breeding practices, they are attempting to perennialize our basic ...

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In Burlington Vermont there is a long standing agricultural develpment projected called the Intervale that stands as a beacon for communities wanting to redevelop their local food system. Will Rapp has spearheaded the project for nigh on three decade, and he has led the way towards a sustainable local food system for Burlington. Beginning in ...

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The health of our soil impacts life as we know it. Find out about some of the issues related to soil and where to get more information.


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