In the middle of the desert, hours from the center of Cairo- is an Oasis. Lush fields of camomile, calendula, and oranges. Date palms line the roads, expansive lawns run to the edge of the large white buildings.

Sekem which means “vitality from the sun” in ancient egyptian, is a company and campus dedicated to naturally grown products and sustained community development. The company produces skin care products, tea, baby toys, cloths, processed, and non processed food stuffs.

They do all of this biodymically, employing thousands of members of the community around their main site, as well as 8,000 small scale farmers around the country.

Filming Children in their half-day job (the other half they are in school),picking organic camomile

At their headquarters they have a school, mosque, workshops, and a medical clinic that are all free for their employees and the surrounding community. Everyone who worked for them that we saw, and met, and filmed, was happy, healthy, and educated- a huge contrast to the rest of the country. The food and products that are produced by Sekem is top quality, and most of it is exported to Europe markets.

What we saw at Sekem was what can happen when a company understands that to take care of the people is to take care of the soil, and visa versa.
– By Jessy Beckett