Racing toward the Finish Line

Today at Lily Films, we are lining up one of the final steps in the film-making process, pre-screenings. At this point in the film making process, everyone on the film team has seen the cut so many times, it’s hard to distinguish what end is up and what end is down. Additionally, we’re so in love with the film as is, it’s hard to imagine it changing, even if the length continually ekes over our mentally set length limit.

So, we are calling in back up. Several teams of fellow directors, producers, editors, soil scientists, and aggies will be viewing the film over the next few weeks around the bay area, giving feedback on where to trim and what parts inspire them most.

We’re looking forward to this first round of formal feedback. Another leap closer to the finish line!

– By Jessy Beckett

Final Shoot

In the making of any film there comes a time to, as we say, wrap it. Symphony of the Soil has been in the making for nigh-on 5 years and we are rapidly drawing to a close. The film is close to fully edited, the score is being written as we speak, and last week we went out twice more, to shoot the filler for the interstitial gaps we have left.

Dr Ignacio Chapela

A central piece of that interstitia, the bond of aggregation, is Dr Ignacio Chapela (featured earlier in Soil on Ice.) We traveled with Ignacio to the western edge of the continent to film some of the final shots in Symphony.Dr Ignacio Chapela

– By Jessy Beckett