SOS to Play at Natural Products Expo

Symphony of the Soil will play at Natural Products Expo East

September 19, 2012

Room 332

Baltimore Convention Center

1 West Pratt Street

Baltimore, MD

6pm- 9pm

Deborah Koons Garcia Director of The Future of Food, the ground breaking documentary about GMOs and the Industrialization of the food supply will present her new documentary, Symphony of the Soil. Deborah will be there in person to answer questions about the making of the film. 


Free Admission Please RSVP as seating is limited.

RSVP by Sept 16th to: [email protected]


Bad Drought? Start with the Soil.

The reason commodity crops are failing in the midwest is not the majority fault of the drought. Period.

Does the drought have some part to play in the massive crop failure occurring across the states at this present moment? Yes, of course. The imposition of unprecedented heat and lack of rainfall has effected plant health and viability.

Is climate change, as everyone is saying, playing a key role in the weather pattern? Yes, of course. Increasing climate volatility (as Bill McKibben’s latest article in Rolling Stones clearly articulates) may very well have something to do with this extraordinary hot-dry spell. Could we as a species have foreseen this imminent disaster and done something to avert it.?

Here’s the kicker: Yes.


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