Are YOU ready?

Happy Summer Solstice!!

While Deborah travels to North Dakota sharing Symphony of the Soil, I have taken time out of the kitchen to put together an EARTHQUAKE KIT.

It takes time to really get it together even though i have 3 lists going on:

1. Emergency Disaster Kit:  involving:

eating & cooking/emergency food

health& safety



2. Car Mini-Survival Kit

3. Work Mini-Survival Kit

We have all come across emails & signs, taken cues from disasters in other parts of the world, that remind us to BE PREPARED.

But are we?

Ive been going from hardware stores, to camping stores to online sites, searching, reading and purchasing things to get us as ready as possible for THE BIG ONE! Im not writing this with underlying fear, quite the contrary I am writing from a place of accountability and empowerment.

Imagine when a disaster hits, and the police, firemen, paramedics are triaging all kinds of things, are you able to take care of yourself, family, pets…?

Or everyone runs to the store to stock up on water, food, etc, in a frenzy..!! Wouldnt it be great to have your stuff at least a little together?

Here is a small list of what i perceive as being the very minimal one should have:

Bottled water for at least 3 days: at least 1 gallon per person

Water filter or water purifying pills

First aid kit

Portable Radio


Food & Pet food

Blanket/tent/space blanket

Cooking source

Utility knife/Scissors/Manual can opener

Toilet paper/baby wipes


Duct tape


Extra Clothes

Emergency tool/wrench for shut off valves

Matches/ Waterproof

And also  a plan of escape routes, how to shut off gas/water, where to meet, how to contact each other.

With what is mentioned above, it is at least a place to start.

Make sure to test the equipment to make sure you are familiar with it. Date your supplies : food and batteries so you know how old its been sitting there and when to change it out.

Be accountable for yourself and family. That way as a community we can be more resilient.

Start a garden!! Its a small but powerful way to being self/community supportive.

And lastly get to know the flora and fauna around you.. plants can help support us by providing food and first aid.  Take some time to learn to identify plants, they are our friends.IMG_0827


Its not a matter of: Will it happen?  No, its  WHEN will it happen.

Take the time to care, and get started.

Are you ready?

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