Symphony stirs controversy at the Soil Science Society of America Conference

Deborah Koons Garcia Symphony of the Soil Soil Science Society of America

Symphony played to several hundred scientists at the Tri-Society Conference ( American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and the Soil Science Society of America) Cincinnati recently. The film ignited a passionate debate among viewers. Most of the scientists loved the film and were grateful for its timely message. Two of the scientists were upset because they felt that organic gets too much attention and they felt that the film favored organic.

Daniel Hillel, who recently won the World Food Prize, as well as Kate Scow, esteemed professor of Soil Science at UC Davis, accompanied Deborah on the panel and participated in the hotly contested debate. Hillel said during the panel that it’s good to put all of these controversial issues on the table in order for everyone to re-evaluate their assumptions about them.

Who knew soils could excited such passion?!

Symphony of the Soil, Soil Science Society of America

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