Blaencamel Soils

For those of you who haven’t visited Wales- we must tell you, it is, on film, a dream world. The moisture in the air catches light at every angle, softening every shot. Around each hedgerow and country road there is another glistening green vista.

Blaencamel, the farm of the Anne Evans and Peter Segger, is no exception. The root of the name Blaencamel- ‘blaen’ means a quick, clever mind capable of grasping and assimilating new ideas aptly suits the place. The Seggers are clearly innovators. They have rehabilitated what, by Peter’s accounts, must be “some of the poorest soils in the British isles” into deep dark organic matter- soils that grow carrots and leeks that dwarfed any I’ve witnessed here in California. 

Peter and a monstrous turnip

The entire two day shoot in Wales, part of larger UK tour lingers as one of the most memorable locations. Partly due to the candid nature of two deep souls deeply committed to the stewardship of their place, partly due to the glittering dew drops on every blade of healthy grass, but mostly due to the richness of their soil.

Gargantuan leeks in dark soil
– By Jessy Beckett