European Premiere at the Curzon Theater, Soho, London

On May 17th, Symphony of the Soil played to a packed house in Soho London at the famed independent film house, the Curzon. Organico and the Soil Association hosted the evening, complete with canapés and drinks after the show. The crowd consisted of food writers, key politicians, organic entrepreneurs, activists, and farmer gardeners. The after party was thick with conversations of how the food movement continues to grow and how this film will help encourage more people to join the good food revolution. One inspired health food store owner sought us out and thanked us, saying ‘this film reminded me of why I do what I do.’

So often we forget our original purpose of being here. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day activities of life and work- emails, phone calls, business meetings. But when someone, or something gives us enough time to reflect on how we fit into the whole- brilliant things can happen. We can remember why it is that we wanted to be here in the first place. Symphony of the Soil is that for the sustainability movement- it’s a pause, a moment of reflection, an artistic vision of the base of all life, and an integrated holistic vision for the planet.Pouring Drinks for the After Party for Symphony of the Soil Screening Curzon Theater, Soho London

Jessy Beckett