Lunch is Ready – Honoring Salmon


photo by Renee Avalos

While the threat of Genetically Engineered salmon is being discussed, I wanted to post a beautiful “ode” to this sacred fish.
This is from the book, Foods of the Americas: Native Recipes and Traditions

Indigenous people of the Americas often center their religious beliefs on the bounties from the land and water. Salmon were once abundant in the waters of
both North and South America. The remarkable life cycle of salmon; hatching, growing, traveling to sea, and returning years later to the same spot to lay its eggs-conveyed a homeland  where they belonged, no matter how far they roamed for hunting, gathering or trading. For many of the Northwest Coast’s Native people, salmon remains not only a source of food but also a source of spiritual connection to land and water.
When the salmon return to spawn in fresh waters throughout the region, it is a cause for widespead ceremonies that give thanks to the great dignity and receives a special ceremony celebrating its arrival…

Salmon helped me get my job. Deborah loves salmon.

So when salmon season is upon us, I always give big thanks to this wonderful fish, not only for its nutritional value but also for letting me learn to cook it.

I buy our salmon from the farmer’s market whenever possible, I talk with the fishmonger or ill get it at the store. I get into it. I look at the vibration it puts out..dull looking fish, no!

I’m also not a fan of  farmed fish or Atlantic fish, but thats another blog post..

The best recipe I learned came from family that lives in Washington State in the Puget sound. As simple as it is, here it goes:

1lb King salmon, bones removed

1TB salt

pepper to taste

3 TB rosemary minced

3 TB butter

1TB extra virgin olive oil(optional)

salt the fish, add the rosemary and pepper

Take a bottom heavy pan, heat to medium high, add butter and olive oil, wait 40 seconds and place the fish skin side up in the pan, let it sit there for 8 minutes, turn the pan every 3 minutes. ( turn the heat down a little  depending on your stovetop).

After 8 minutes turn the fish over  and cover for another 2 minutes with heat turned to low. leave it covered for another minute or so..turn off the heat and remove from pan.

YUM! its ready now, get a salad together and there’s a wonderful simple meal!

Take a moment and to honor Salmon.