Little Hands, Lots of Dirt

Today we encouraged kids to do what kids do best: get dirty. In a rousing session at Singing Frog’s Farm in Sebastopol- Deborah directed kids to rolick, dig, toss, and generally muck-about in our favorite protagonist: soil.

And guess what?

They had an awfully good time.

Who knew kids like SOIL so much? Parents who looked on watched their kids enjoy themselves by touching, smelling, and tasting some good old fashion dirt.

– By Jessy Beckett


In Burlington Vermont there is a long standing agricultural develpment projected called the Intervale that stands as a beacon for communities wanting to redevelop their local food system.

Will Rapp has spearheaded the project for nigh on three decade, and he has led the way towards a sustainable local food system for Burlington. Beginning in the 80’s, Rapp took 350 acres, which had been essentially a community dump and over time developed a city composting site, farm incubation program, community supported agricultural subscription, and a non-profit. At the outset of the venture, Rapp projected that one day, the space would be able to provide 10% of Burlington’s food supply. Now, in 2010, the are very close to meeting that goal.

The Intervale is an incredible example of what happens when someone with a vision sticks with their full cause. When Rapp first started, the community was incredulous about his mission, now they are full fledged believers. Will’s project is s staple of the Burlington identity. Produce from the Intervale farms are featured in the local super markets and highlighted on menus of downtown restaurants. Everyone in town knows his name.

The Intervale is just one of the many projects that Symphony of the Soil was privileged to film. As our two day shoot came to a close- Will gave us a list of Burlington restaurants to visit on our way out of town. As we poured over the menu for our late night supper- local, sustainable, community grown Intervale vegetables were prominently featured.

– By Jessy Beckett