Why Screenings Matter

There are few times in filmmaking when you can feel how your work affects people. Most of the work happens in dark rooms, alone, behind computers, completely unconnected from the reason you’ve begun the journey.

Screenings are the opposite. You’re in bright room, filled with people, who are connecting about the message of the film. We’ve had dozens of screenings where this is the case.  Questions from the audience, a diverse panel, an insight that sparks debate, an engaging discussion. These are the reasons that public screenings are so important. They encourage conversation and learning between interested parties. They spread the message, facilitate networking, and amplify the impact of the movie. Symphony of the Soil has enjoyed a great run of screenings such as this in the past few weeks. We’re grateful for the folks who organized them and look forward to doing more!

Symphony of the Soil Screening, UC Davis

Professors, Extensionists, Farmers, and Filmmakers Hash it out UC Davis

Symphony of the Soil, UC Merced
Public screenings of the film are now available. Participate in spreading the good word about soil by emailing:  [email protected]