Why Screenings Matter

There are few times in filmmaking when you can feel how your work affects people. Most of the work happens in dark rooms, alone, behind computers, completely unconnected from the reason you’ve begun the journey.

Screenings are the opposite. You’re in bright room, filled with people, who are connecting about the message of the film. We’ve had dozens of screenings where this is the case.  Questions from the audience, a diverse panel, an insight that sparks debate, an engaging discussion. These are the reasons that public screenings are so important. They encourage conversation and learning between interested parties. They spread the message, facilitate networking, and amplify the impact of the movie. Symphony of the Soil has enjoyed a great run of screenings such as this in the past few weeks. We’re grateful for the folks who organized them and look forward to doing more!

Symphony of the Soil Screening, UC Davis

Professors, Extensionists, Farmers, and Filmmakers Hash it out UC Davis

Symphony of the Soil, UC Merced
Public screenings of the film are now available. Participate in spreading the good word about soil by emailing:  [email protected]

Symphony stirs controversy at the Soil Science Society of America Conference

Deborah Koons Garcia Symphony of the Soil Soil Science Society of America

Symphony played to several hundred scientists at the Tri-Society Conference ( American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and the Soil Science Society of America) Cincinnati recently. The film ignited a passionate debate among viewers. Most of the scientists loved the film and were grateful for its timely message. Two of the scientists were upset because they felt that organic gets too much attention and they felt that the film favored organic.

Daniel Hillel, who recently won the World Food Prize, as well as Kate Scow, esteemed professor of Soil Science at UC Davis, accompanied Deborah on the panel and participated in the hotly contested debate. Hillel said during the panel that it’s good to put all of these controversial issues on the table in order for everyone to re-evaluate their assumptions about them.

Who knew soils could excited such passion?!

Symphony of the Soil, Soil Science Society of America

European Premiere at the Curzon Theater, Soho, London

On May 17th, Symphony of the Soil played to a packed house in Soho London at the famed independent film house, the Curzon. Organico and the Soil Association hosted the evening, complete with canapés and drinks after the show. The crowd consisted of food writers, key politicians, organic entrepreneurs, activists, and farmer gardeners. The after party was thick with conversations of how the food movement continues to grow and how this film will help encourage more people to join the good food revolution. One inspired health food store owner sought us out and thanked us, saying ‘this film reminded me of why I do what I do.’

So often we forget our original purpose of being here. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day activities of life and work- emails, phone calls, business meetings. But when someone, or something gives us enough time to reflect on how we fit into the whole- brilliant things can happen. We can remember why it is that we wanted to be here in the first place. Symphony of the Soil is that for the sustainability movement- it’s a pause, a moment of reflection, an artistic vision of the base of all life, and an integrated holistic vision for the planet.Pouring Drinks for the After Party for Symphony of the Soil Screening Curzon Theater, Soho London

Jessy Beckett 

Stone Barns Screening

This last week we returned to Stone Barns, one of our favorite shooting locations, to show the film. The process came full circle as we stood in their gorgeous hay loft (which clearly hasn’t seen hay in years. Deborah, Fred Kirschennman, and farmer Jack Algiere spoke about the project post screening.  Symphony of the Soil, Stone Barns, Screening

Symphony goes to Iowa

Symphony of the Soil played last night to an overpacked house last night on the campus of Iowa State University. 300 people squeezed into a 250 capacity lecture hall to see the newly released feature film. Students, Farmers, and Soil Scientists made up the majority population. Some farmers and interested citizens came from hours away to attend.

Symphony of the Soil, Iowa State University

The Leoplod Center sponsored the screenings. Deborah was joined by farmer, philosopher, and film advisor Fred Kirschenmann on the panel after the film.

Fred Kirschenmann and Deborah Garcia at Iowa State University Screening

UNI Cedar Falls: Symphony of the Soil

Title: UNI Cedar Falls: Symphony of the Soil
Location: Lang Auditorium, Lang Hall, UNI, Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613
Link out: Click here
Description: Special screening of Symphony of the Soil with Leopold Center for Sustainable Agricutlure

Kamyar Enshayan, University of Northern Iowa Center for Energy and Environmental Education, [email protected], 319) 273-7575

Start Time: 07:00PM
Date: March 27, 2012

Iowa State University: Symphony of the Soil

Title: Iowa State University: Symphony of the Soil
Location: Auditorium, 2245 Coover Hall, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 50011
Link out: Click here
Description: A special screening of Symphony of the Soil at Iowa State University with Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture.

Contact: Jeri Neal, Leopold Center Ecology Initiative, (515) 294-5610, [email protected]

Start Time: 06:00PM
Date: March 28, 2012
End Time: 09:30PM