SOS in Huff Po

Lynne Peeples, Huffington Post, May 18, 2012 

Jack Algiere has no qualms about letting his kids eat their veggies straight out of the ground from the fields and greenhouses he manages in Pocantico Hills, N.Y.

He knows the rich, organic soil will provide Sedge and Ojiah with delicious, nutrient-rich food. Not to mention a possible boost to their immune systems.

His sons have their favorites. “Carrots are up there and consumed after a brush with the shirt sleeve. But spinach in winter seems to be the prize,” said Algiere, the farm manager at Stone Barns Center For Food and Agriculture. “With most greens, they prefer to graze — no hands — rather than pick.”


Jack Algiere’s kids, Ojiah and Sedge, graze the fields at Stone Barns Center For Food and Agriculture.

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SOS on TEDex!

Fred Kirshenmann gave a talk on TEDex Manhattan a few weeks back and featured a portion of Symphony of the Soil. Check out our brilliant advisor Fred and his short and inspiring lecture on Soil!

Fred’s TEDex Talk

Fred Kirschenmann (left)with Deborah Garcia and Jerry Glover at that Land Institute in Salina Kansas