US Farm Bill 2012

Roughly every 5 years, the US congress passes a massive piece of legislation known as the Farm Bill This legislation comprehensively addresses most of the programs of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). For example the Farm Bill of 2008 included Commodity Programs, Conservation, Agriculture Trade and Food Aid, Nutrition, Farm Credit, Rural Development, Research, Forestry, Energy, Horticulture and Organic Agriculture, Livestock, Crop and Disaster Insurance, Commodities Futures and a Miscellaneous category. Check out the Farm Bill Visualizer for a good idea of the current Farm Bill budget. Every time the Farm Bill comes up for debate, groups from many sides try to influence what will be in the bill.

Here are some groups that are currently researching and lobbying for a Farm Bill in the soil’s best interest;
Food Democracy Now
The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
Soil and Water Conservation Society

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