Public Screening – Conferences/Theaters $500

To purchase the Public Screening license for Symphony of the Soil, add to your cart and proceed to checkout. The license is for one-time use. With the purchase of the public screening rights license, you may screen the film in a public setting and charge admission if you so choose. Broadcast and digital distribution is not covered by this license.

Please select your screening format (DVD or BluRay). If you are not sure, or would like to request another format, please contact sales manager at [email protected].

Screening Format

We are offering a special $100 discount on Public Screening Rights with a bulk purchase of 20 DVDs of Symphony of the Soil. With the bulk purchase, your organization can re-sell the DVDs at your event* and keep or donate the proceeds made from your event. We are selling 20 DVDs for $15 each (the DVD retails for $20 thus your organization can make $5 for each DVD sold).
*Please note that DVDs can not be sold on-line in any form.

Break out of Cost:
Public Screening Rights: $400 ($100 discount)
20 DVDs @ $15 each: $300
TOTAL: $700

Select Screening Format for the screening.

Screening Format