Grace Notes


The Symphony of the Soil Grace Notes are short clips and film out takes that we couldn’t bare to leave on the cutting room floor. Available here for free to share, like, or embed on your web site. Check back every so often as we’ll continually be streaming new videos.

Harry MacCormack

Farmer Harry MacCormak of Sunbow farms in Oregon talks about water specifications for a compost tea brewer.

Paul Hepperly

Dr Paul Hepperly demonstrates the benefits of organic soil management practices in the Rodale Lab.

Penny Livingston

Penny Livingston-Stark describes how integrating permaculture principles can create more sustainable systems.

Bob Cannard

Farmer Bob Cannard of Green String Farm speaks on his philosophy behind how to grow and support healthy plants.

Klaas Martens

Farmer Klaas Martens describes how beginning to farm organically brought back the smell of soil he remembered from his youth.

Laurie Drinkwater

Dr Laurie Drinkwater speaks about how to ameliorate environmental issues by using ecological principles.

Satish Kumar

Philosopher and Writer Satish Kumar gives insight into how we are al part of the soil community, existing in constant reciprocity.

Tim LaSalle

Tim LaSalle talks about organic systems research at the Rodale Institute and how we’ll all be eating organic in 100 years.

John Reganold

Dr John Reganold describes why he first fell in love with Soil

Dan Barber

Chef Dan Barber, of Blue Hill in New York, describes his childhood relationship to soil and the land, and how he’s integrated that understanding into his cooking.

Vandana Shiva

Acclaimed writer and activist Vandana Shiva speaks about the connection of soil, mud, and the vision of the sacred earth for India.

Kate Scow

Dr. Kate Scow shares her childhood soil story and how she came to love soil.

Ignacio Chapela

Dr Ignacio Chapela searches for Bog Iron in a peat bog in Norway. Along the way he describes how bogs are living things living on living things- soil in one of its rawest forms.

David Montgomery

Professor David Montgomery tries to explain the history of farming… but he doesn’t get that far this time around.

Bill Mckibben

Author and Activist Bill McKibben speaks about how we as a society need to continue to fight climate change. He gives some helpful tips on what we can do.

Elaine Ingham

Dr Elaine Ingham talks about how we have taken good soil and turned it into Dirt- a substance devoid of and incapable of supporting- life.

Jaspal Singh

Punjabi Biodynamic Farmer Jaspal Singh speaks about how soil can create a healthy plant, which creates a healthy person and healthy communities.

Warren Weber

Warren Weber of Star Route Farms speaks about the difficulties of starting an organic farm in California in the 70s, and how many told him it couldn’t be done.

Rob Hopkins

Founder of the Transition Movement Rob Hopkins speaks about the positive possibilities that could come out of the twin threats of peak oil and climate change.

Kevin Lunny

Rancher Kevin Lunny speaks about the critical work of the dung beetles on his cattle ranch in Marin.

John Aeschelman

Farmer John Aeschelman speaks about his family’s farming legacy.

Blaencamel Farms

A sweet introduction into the life and partnership of Anne Evans and Peter Segger.